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My Moving Company is a full-service moving company based right here in the Metroplex, serving the entire state of Texas. We are licensed, insured, and registered with the TX-DMV. My Moving Company will be able to customize your move covering every aspect from start to finish with professional moving services. We have been considered a premier moving company in Dallas TX and the surrounding areas for years. We move you in a partnership of honesty, delicate treatment, and high level communication. We accept any type of move, including homes, apartments, condos, storage, offices and more.

o Local and Statewide Moves – My Moving Company and its movers are licensed and insured to perform moves anywhere in the great state of Texas. A majority of our business comes from within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex where we have been trusted for years as movers to help our neighbors transition into their new homes or apartments at affordable rates. As much as we love the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas, we do realize that not everyone is moving within the Metroplex, so we often perform long distance moves that are going anywhere in Texas with the same great service and low pricing.

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o House & Apartment Relocation – My Moving Company offers professional service along with some of the best pricing for local moves in Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding areas in north Texas. We have been in business since 2004 and are considered one of the highest ranked moving companies around. Our movers have enjoyed helping 1000’s of people over the years with all of their moving needs.

o Available 7 days a week– Our movers operate Sunday-Sunday for all of our customers convenience. My Moving Company will be able to work with you, and your schedule, to arrange the best possible day and time to have our movers complete your move quickly and safely. We offer flexible timing from morning to evenings every day of the week.

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o Free Estimate Online, Over The Phone, or In Home– It will be in everyone’s best interest to have a provided estimate in writing covering all the major aspects of your specific move. This should be provided prior to the move and specify what the movers will actually need to accomplish on the day of your move. By discussing all the major details and being provided an estimate you can rest assured that everyone is on the same page prior to the day your movers arrive.

o Affordable Hourly Rates with Unlimited Inventory– With this type of move our movers will complete everything that is requested by the customer within our movers capabilities to complete the job safely and efficiently.

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o Affordable Guaranteed Prices with No Time Limit– With this type of move our movers will complete everything that has been provided within the estimate at a set price.

o Loading & Unloading– You might only need a few strong guys to help you with the loading or unloading aspect of your move. My Moving Company can always just send out the movers with no truck if the truck is not needed. We will customize our staffing to fit your needs on moving day.

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o Packing and Unpacking– This key element to the moving process is part of our full service move. My Moving Company can supply you with everything you need from various boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, or anything else you might need to get the job started. To the finish everything off we will of unpack everything and put it in its proper place if requested. Of course, our movers will get everything else safely moved into your new home in between the packing and unpacking as well.

o Moving Blankets, Shrink Wrap, Tape, etc. – Every moving crew will arrive to every single move with necessary materials for a safe and effective move. This includes the shrink wrap, moving blankets, and tape. Bubble wrap will be used on extremely fragile items. Moving blankets will be placed around furniture and necessary items and then will be shrink wrapped to keep everything neatly in place and protected during the entire move.

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o Background Checked Drivers– Each employee of My Moving Company, prior to employment, will undergo our elaborate screening process including a check for criminal record and driving record. This of course applies to our movers too. We hold our office employees and our movers to a high level of accountability when it comes to dealing with our customers. Our movers will care about your move.